Sunday, February 18, 2018

White Jam to release new mini album

White Jam will release a new mini album on March 21st. It will be called Ameoto and comes with 8 tracks. The main track is Ameoto and they already released a music video for it. 

I love it. It's a beautiful song and video. I am always stunned by how well Nikki and Shirose can put emotions into their songs. Especially the last part of Shirose got me goosebumps and nearly made me cry. Also Gashima's rap voice is incredible like always and suites the vocals of Nikki and Shirose SO much. They have such good vocals and I honestly wish they would be way more popular outside Japan. They are super talanted and deserve much much much more attention.
Enough of this about the cd it will be availibe on itunes again and you can buy the cd online. If you buy it on their website you can get a special set, like always it will come with a big jacket sleeve with signs on it, a towel, booklet and lyric sheet. Also this time there will be a special pass inside (I guess it's for their summer tour), a ticket for a handshake event and the charm you can see in the video.

What do you think about the new song?

PRESI-D to continue with 5 members

Some while ago I already wrote you that Takuya and Ken left the group and just shortly after it was also announced that Aru left the group too. It makes me really said seeing all these members leave but I do respect the decision they make 'cause in the end it's their own life. I will miss him in the group and will keep support the group as a five member group. I do like all the other members a lot so I hope they will finally be able to reach a step forward this year. Hopefully they will release a new song this year or finally have a physical cd release. I wish them all the best like I wish Aru all the best in whatever his way will be like. This awesome boy group from Okinawa should get way more attention. 

Do you know this group? What do you think about Aru leaving?

Color Creation will have their Major Debut

I am late on these news but I wanted to share it anyway. On February 4th they announced to have their major debut in may of this year. Their single will be called "CANVAS" and is going to be in store starting from the 23rd May 2018. Starting at the end of February they will held several release events, to advertise for the new single. I hope we will find some fan recording of those events online. That would be awesome. As for the single there will be three versions. Two regular ones and a dvd one. The dvd one comes with the music video for Canvas and the making of as well as some excerpts of their one man live hold in december 2017. The regular versions each come with a different b-side track.
I am super excited for these news and so proud of them. I am loking forward to this release a lot. I am sure they will do good.

What do you think about the major debut?

Friday, February 2, 2018

ANTIME uploaded MV for Number One

It's here. I am super excited. The video is too cute. I love how they interact with each other. They are just too adorable. Also the song is awesome. I love it a lot. They did really well with this and I am very much looking forward to their other new songs on the first album. 

What do you think about the video and song?

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Fiima to contiue their hiatus

In december 2016 Fiima announced to have a hiatus for one year but today they announced to contiue their hiatus. In 2017 Hosei left the group and there is only three members left. They wrote that they still need time to think about what Fiima should be like and they still need to find themselves in Fiima. I am personally super sad for this announcment since I was eagerly waiting for their comeback. At least it's not a disbanding because all of them wrote that they want to perform on stage again as Fiima. However this time the hiatus is indefinite so we don't know when they will come back. I really badly hope it won't take long but I kind of have the fear that in the end they still decide to disband. That would break my heart badly.
I am feeling uneasy thinking about them and I am sad to have to wait again. Their future seems very blurry to me right now. I just hope for a comeback from the bottom of my heart.

What do you think about the hiatus?

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

XOX added two new member

After Toman left XOX it was not really a supprise to see them ading new members. At least to me. Since Toman was an very important part of the group they try to fill this place with two new guys. I am still sad Toman left but I am happy how they look as a six member group, only four members would have looked weird to me. This is much better. I can't wait to listen to a new song with all six members. I hope they don't change their style of music. Besides both new members are from the group "DRESS_No." which kind of went on hiatus after 3 member left the group this month. They are both still members of DRESS_No. and want to continoue the group. Here are some information on the new member.

Kazumasa Yasui
Birthplace: Aichi
Bloodtyp: O
Hight: 178cm
Hobbies: watching movies, reading, writing and composing songs
Special Skill: table tennis
Others: He takes part in musicals (e.g. Crows Zero), he is suposed to be really funny and his voice is said to be very beautiful. 

Yuta Osumi
Birthplace: Hokkaido
Bloodtyp: O
Hight: 178cm
Hobbies: Wine or in genereall alcohol (I am not sure. >.<), watching "Ex on the beach"
Special Skills: football/soccer, beach flags, kick (I guess it's a special kind of kick you use in martial arts.)
Others: He also performes in musicals (e.g. Crows Zero, Prince of Tennis 3rd season) and he is said to have a prince like aura.


Please check out this post ----> *klick here*
You get a much better profile of them there.

These two guys are pretty awesome. However Yuta is kind of weird too. XD I am very much looking forward to their first song together.
If you are interessted in what they were like in DRESS_No., here is one of their music videos.

Yasui is the first one who sings and Yuta is the one at 0:30.

What do you think about them adding new members and what do you think about the new member?

Sunday, January 21, 2018

PrizmaX uploaded music video for "yours"

So just yesterday PrizmaX uploaded their new music video for the song "yours". The single with the same title will be released om February 14. The song is perfect like always. I can always indulge myself into their music, same for this song. The music video is very simple. Their dancing is really nice and I love their clothes, with the blue accents. This whole video and song are absolute love.

What do you think about it?

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

It isn't a bad dream but reality: Koichi is leaving Chotokkyu

Today it has been announced that Chotokkyu member Koichi will leaving the group. It seems like he had a different future in mind then the president/manager of them and therefor after many talks it's been decided that he will leave the group. The exact date of him leaving hasn't been announced so far but he will definitly be not a part of the new single and he won't be with them anymore when their tour starts in May. 
I am really heartbroken. He wasn't my favorite member but he was, like all of them, a very important member. I can't even imagine a chotokkyu without him. I am so extremly sad, also because I would never have expected this. This news really hit me hard and I wish they wouldn't be true. 
I wish him all the best, like I wish Chotokkyu all the best. I hope the members will keep in contact and hopefully we will see him doing music again after he left, may it be solo or in another group. It would just be too sad seeing such a talanted singer not doing music. 
I am curious if they will keep on with just 1 vocalist, I think it will be really hard on Takashi to have to sing all the songs on his own. Also I will miss Koichi's amazing voice, that is so different to Takashi. I like Takashis voice too but Ialways prefered Koichis. Why oh why. 

What do you think about these news?